Panther Chameleons

Do Panther Chameleons Change Color?

One of the biggest attractions of owning a chameleon is the fact that these beautiful critters can change color. It’s one of the things they are so well known for, along with that long sticky tongue! But did you know that not all chameleons can change color as well as others; there are some that…

Veiled Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon Beginner Care Guide

There are several different types of chameleons that can be kept as a pet and the veiled is one of the most common. These animals have a striking cask on the top of their head that gives them a distinct and attractive appearance. They’re hardy little creatures but they do require a good amount of…


Why Do Chameleons Have Long Tails?

Chameleons are incredibly well-known for having a super long tongue that shoots out of their mouth and whose stickiness catches prey. It’s pretty obvious why their tongue is as long as it is but what about the other end of the animal? Here, you will find a long, often curled-up tail that a lot of…


Are Chameleons Warm Or Cold-Blooded?

There are many things that make the chameleon an interesting animal and many of these things mean that these creatures need to be cared for in a very specific way. When taking on a chameleon, you must be prepared to provide it with heat and a place to bask; why is this? This is because…


How Fast Can Chameleons Run?

If you own a chameleon, you may have spent many hours watching it sit there and do…well, not a lot. In their relatively small enclosures, at least when compared to the space they have in the wild, chams don’t have a lot of room to move about. Moreover, if they are content, they won’t have…


What To Do If My Chameleon Is Constipated ( Treatment And Care)

All pet owners want their chameleons to remain in the best health so it can be worrying when you notice symptoms. Just like humans, it is possible for the chameleon to experience a back-up of the digestive system and this can result in the animal being unable to poop. However, in chameleons, rather than being…

Panther Chameleon

Do Panther Chameleons Make Good Pets?

If you’re looking for an interesting exotic pet then the chameleon is one of the first things you have probably thought about. But did you know that there are several different types of the chameleon and each one has its own quirks and reasons why it makes an excellent pet. The panther chameleon is one…


Do Chameleons Die After Giving Birth?

If you have a pet chameleon that is ready to breed, you may be super excited about the arrival of a clutch of baby cham eggs. However, there is a lot of concern with breeders about the mother dying shortly after laying her eggs. This surely can’t be true; can it? Well, there is some…


Do Chameleons Eat Plants, Spiders and Ants

Chameleons are a popular exotic pet owing to their ability to change color; this is a huge draw but if you have been considered getting a chameleon purely, for this reason, we must advise you that these animals will only thrive with the right care and attention. When taking care of a chameleon, one of…

brown chameleon

Why Has My Chameleon Turned Brown? (Reasons and Solutions)

One of the biggest draws of the chameleon to pet owners around the world is that these amazing animals are able to change color to blend into their surroundings. Of course, this is a survival method since, in the wild, the chameleon needs to camouflage itself to avoid becoming a meal and to hide from…


Why Do Chameleons Eat Their Shed Skin?

If you have recently adopted a pet chameleon, one of the things you were likely looking forward to seeing would be how these amazing creatures shed their skin. This is a natural process for chameleons and many other reptiles but when you see your pet exhibiting some unusual behavior, this can be a little disconcerting….