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5 Exotic Pets That Are Easy To Take Care Of For Beginners

For most people, a pet means getting a dog, a cat, or perhaps a rabbit. These are among some of the easiest animals to look after and one of the reasons that they are also among the most common. However, for some people, the idea of having an exotic pet is much more appealing. But…

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How Much Water Does A Breaded Dragon Need?

In the wild, bearded dragons live in a desert location and are found across Australia. While there are some that will take refuge in subtropical woodlands, most of these animals prefer the arid conditions of the desert. It could be easy to believe, then, that bearded dragons do not need a lot of water; after…

bearded Dragon drinking

Do Bearded Dragons Absorb Water Through Their Skin?

If you look online at bearded dragon forums, you will notice that one of the most common questions is whether these lizards can drink through their skin. Now this may sound crazy at first but when you learn that there are a lot of reptiles and amphibians that have this ability, it doesn’t seem to…

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? ( Is it a healthy option )

The diet of the bearded dragon in the wild consists mainly of insects, small rodents and even other lizards, if they are small enough. That being said, they are omnivores and so will also eat leaves and fruits. Typically, they are not fussy eaters; so what about fruit at home? Can bearded dragons eat grapes?…

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Should I Wake My Bearded Dragon From Brumation?

In the wild, bearded dragons go through a process known as brumation. This is very similar to the process that mammals go through during the colder winter months, hibernation. You might call this the reptilian version. However, in captivity, the bearded dragon may not undergo this process since their natural instinct has been somewhat removed….

Bearded Dragon Brumation

Bearded Dragon Brumation Guide ( All you need to know )

Owning a bearded dragon comes with a great responsibility and despite them being one of the most straightforward pets to own, many people are still unaware of brumation and what it means. Brumation is the reptile equivalent to hibernation, which we often see in mammals. This is a process that comes as a natural instinct…

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Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth? ( We have all the facts )

At a glance, or sometimes even with a hard look, it’s difficult to tell whether or not bearded dragons actually have teeth and as they are part of the reptile family you might wonder whether or not they have any concealed teeth (or any teeth at all). Bearded dragons do have teeth and while they…