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We love Exotic Pets - All our writers are exotic pet owners, carers and breeders. We know that caring for any exotic pet can be quite intimidating. We want to help others care for these amazing creatures, keeping both you and your pet happy.

Our Website

Our website is devoted to Exotic Pets and owners around the world. If you're a keen keeper of these pets, you'll be sure to find species guides, how-to articles and product reviews from our team of devoted enthusiasts.

We have articles on Snakes, Axolotls, Turtles, Tortoises, Frogs, Spiders and so much more - be sure to check the Menu at the top of each page for your own pet.

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The Team

Gregg Draper (Editor and Writer)

Hi, Im Gregg. Exotic Pet Place was my idea. I started the site to help other keen like-minded enthusiasts get involved and care for the amazing creatures that we write about.

I have kept many exotic pets over the years, including Snakes, Spiders, and Frogs.

I have been lucky enough to study Exotic Pets and pass the General Practitioner Certificate course (GPCert) in exotic pet care.

Liana Carroll (Writer)

I am very new to keeping exotic pets. I started 5 years ago but have learnt so much in such a small space of time. Im now dreaming of owning my own Exotic Pet store.

I currently have 2 snakes, 3 frogs and a dog.

Louis Stanley (Web Developer)

Hi, Im the web developer at ExoticPetPlace.com. I don't have any pets at all, but I have known Gregg for about 10 years when he approached me to build a website for the store that he owned.

I keep a check on the day to day running of the site as well as manage the hosting and updates.
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